Friday, November 27, 2009

A mom in my neighbourhood asked me if we knew of a good kids' dentist. We've just switched over to Dr. Christine Binert & Associates in the Danforth Village and are very happy with the care and service they provide.

Today, we took the whole family over. Our little girl, who remains toothless at 3 mos of age, was the only one spared a check-up this time (they gave her a teething ring anyway), but our 4yo had his first cleaning and exam, and he did great!

The office is located in a house, a comfy departure from medical arts buildings, and it's decorated enthusiastically with festive holiday stuff, making it even more welcoming. They offer terrific incentives for kids, giving them the chance to win all kinds of treats: even a new bike is up for grabs for kids who brush and floss as promised. Every visit includes a trip to the Dentists' Treasure Chest for a reward, too.

Friendly staff, capable dentists and hygienists, homey atmosphere, and TVs on the ceiling? Now that's worth smiling over!

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