Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As the family shutterbug, I get a lot of joy out of snapping pics of my little ones. As the one behind the camera, though, I never end up IN any of the photos and feel a little missing from the family album. Seeking a remedy, and growing tired of fiddling with the self timer on my point-and-shoot, was I ever delighted to sit for a couple of professional photographers recently.

Turns out, I'm not alone. A few mommy friends have recently asked me if I know any good photographers. This is the among the happiest times of our lives, and we ain't getting any younger. Now's the time to document!

For a quick-and-dirty portrait session, the department/super store route isn't half bad. I've seen perfectly good results from Target, Walmart and the Real Canadian Superstore. But going the extra mile and splurging on a professional can be a lot of fun AND will surely land you with some phenomenal photos that you'll treasure forever.

Some of my favorite family-friendly photographers in Toronto include:
They've posted fantastic examples of their work on line. Check them out and...say cheese!!

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